Stars can’t bright without darkness


Published by: Marie Shellie F. Balagtas
Published date: September 8,2017

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     It is matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty, but It is not only causing a difficulties, It has a benefit also, we learned, we understand what our life for. _64896164_64896163

    Our life are wonderful and colorful, but what things are really giving brightness in life? What are the responsibilities of this on us and on the others?9

   We are only an ordinary person that carrying many problems that sometimes we are not finding a solution immediately on it because it’s hard, but believe me, All the matter in this world has an end and someday this problems make and help us to shine, bright like a star. The problems or darkness that build us a foundation to stand proudly.

  You are like a star that shining in the darkness and this darkness are our problem that brings you a different experiences in life. Therefore you are shining because of the problems in life that makes you brave.

  So remind this, A star will not get bright , If it’s not in the dark. Don’t lose hope! Fighting!


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